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Glenn Mastrobattista

What separates Out of the Park and Cyclones from other training centers and travel programs is a true baseball experience and not a money grab. Yes, they are in the business of baseball, but what they provide is best-in-class training and team-first coaching. They take good ball players and make them very good baseball players. Equally important, they teach kids the team concept which is essential for competing at the high school level. If your child is good enough to train and play for Out of the Park consider it a privilege and a smart baseball investment.

Pam and Charlie



Just wanted to let you know CB made his HS team - we credit your training and instruction for his successes - thank you so much !

Bob Cherasaro

I want to thank Alex and his staff for the great work he has done with my son Nick.  I have known Alex for some time and when Little League was over I approached Alex for a spot for my son to play about 3 years ago.  In that time Nick has flourished and hit his stride on a couple of Cyclone Teams.  The opportunity to work out, train and throw year round is awesome.  Nick has enjoyed his teammates, games, tournaments and lessons and is now a starting 3B for his High School Varsity team as a Freshman!
What a great opportunity that I significantly attribute to Alex and his Staff. 
Thanks OOTP

Bob McGuinness

I wanted to take a moment and tell you how happy we are to be part of Out ofthe Park. Bobby is VERY excited and we are looking forward to the season. People are always quick to share complaints, so I wanted to share praise. Gina does a WONDERFUL job of keeping us informed and making us feel like part of the OOTP "family". Bobby loves Coach Huff and has become even more dedicated to baseball in the short time they have been working together.I ran Fanwood travel for a number of years so I understand all the unnoticed work that goes into running a program. I just wanted to let you know that we could not be happier that we made the decision to join OOTP!



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